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maniglia Otta ottone lucido, le fabric design.

Project Ercole Sicurezza

Otta handle for armored door


The commission for this project was for a luxury armored door made by Ercole Armored Doors. Ercole’s armoured doors are designed and produced in the company’s workshop using a high-level artisan approach, the only process which allows them to create such exclusive, bespoke products.

For the handles for this luxury door, the choice was immediately obvious: the Otta model. The Otta handle was produced by the architectural studio Rocchi Piubello. The handles are made from sand casted bronze, and the effect of the finish is always natural. For the first time, the Otta handle was given a polished, plated finish and we were all very pleased with the result.

The high quality of the bronze, the elegance of the golden colour and the glossiness of the handle in contrast with the wood were the crowning result of a project involving incredible craftmanship and use of technology.

The shape you don’t expect: geometric, octagonal, with the unusual look of an industrial tool.  When holding the handle, you might expect a “spiky” feeling. But instead, it is surprisingly curvy and soft. Otta came from an industrial inspiration developed by Rocchi Piubello Architettura, starting from a simple sketch of an octagon, which gave its form and name to the series.