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Armored door | Bronze handle

portone blindato maniglia personalizzata in bronzo

Bronze handle project

Costumized finish for security door


This project started with some photos sent by a client for inspiration: the idea was to create the cladding for an armoured door for a villa in China.

Their request was focused around the material, copper, which needed to be worked in a way Le Fabric had never done before. The study and design was carried out with our technical team, to create a unique project. The project included the production of an armoured panel in copper, with a double handle in bronze. Our collaboration with Ercole Armoured Doors produced a close link between technology and material.

The first approach of the production of the armoured door was the cladding panel. The copper needed to be manufactured in two different ways to create two different effects – one linear, and one more irregular. The first prototype was a section of the panel, in order reproduce the effect that the copper would have in the final result.

The production of the square handles was entirely carried out by Le Fabric Design. We produced the handles using the technique of sand casting, creating an artisan product, showing the qualities of the material used. A majestic armoured door, made from a combination of luxury materials: bronze, copper and advanced security technology.