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Brera project

Contemporary series handle

Brera was born from the modeling of a simple steel element with a flat and linear shape folded and folded back on itself without showing any traces of deforming stress. Simple geometric shape that transmits three-dimensionality and spatiality to two-dimensional elements to which it is applied.

Brera, the handle designed by the architect Riccardo Roveda of the SCR architecture studio in Verona.

Designed by architect Riccardo Roveda, the Brera handle for doors and windows is characterized by a minimalist and industrial style. The design is long-limbed, rigid and squared off, evoking the Industrial and Urban inspiration of the Contemporary collection.

The handle has no rosette but equipped with a spring: an innovation made possible by the technical study and know-how of the Le Fabric team.

With the creation of the Brera handle, a new type of finish was experimented: soft touch.

Black handles are a leitmotiv for Le Fabric production, furniture handles and door handles in matt black are identifying our brand but this time we were looking for a detail that would make the handle even more captivating.