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Chateau Falcon View project

Customized handles for Albertini Windows

Los Angeles, Usa

We were asked to make custom handles for the 100 windows for the Chateau Falconview in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The customized handles had to replace the standard handles initially chosen by the architectural firm that took care of the villa’s styling.


We made samples of window handles in 3 different sizes, inserting the customer’s Falcon View logo. The handle for the windows are of the Cremonese type with external rods for which both the handles and the functionality of the movement suitable for the important size of the windows, some 3 meters high, have been designed. For the hinges of the fixtures we designed brass hinge caps, which were subsequently painted white as requested by the customer, to create harmony with the fixtures. Subsequently, for technical reasons we have created hinges with 4 adjustable legs able to give greater stability.


The handle has an oval handle 150 mm long, characterized by a decoration on the edges and the central FV logo in relief as per initial request.

At the end of the design, thanks to we have completely satisfied the customer’s needs. Perso chateu handles were produced providing a series of customized handles and improving both the aesthetic and technical aspect of the windows.