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Square handle | Security door

maniglia su misura retroilluminata LED per porta blindata

Ercole Sicurezza project

Square handle for led backlit security door

Le Fabric’s client for this project was Ercole, an Italian company specialised in making armoured doors. Designed and produced by the company, Ercole’s doors combine the highest security standards with careful attention to aesthetic quality, distinguishing them as real leaders in the architecture and design of doors. The aim of this project, developed in collaboration with Le Fabric, was a bespoke doorhandle, produced for a marble-covered armoured entrance door.

For this unique, distinctive armoured front door, an equally unusual handle was required, which would be able to enhance the door’s functional qualities with absolute elegance. The design of this handle was studied with great care by the team of architects at Le Fabric. The result is a unique product: a bronze handle, completely encased in the frame of the door and illuminated from behind by LEDs.

This handle produced by Le Fabric perfectly expresses the character of the exclusive armoured door. Perfectly integrated into the frame, the handle doesn’t interfere in any way with the aesthetic of the structure, and adds to the door’s originality: the marble cladding is framed and highlighted by the bronze.

The history of Ercole started 25 years ago, with their patent for an anti-kalashnikov product. Today, the company distinguishes itself in its technological research and development of security solutions, always with a perfect integration of function and aesthetics. Invisible, and therefore not at all invasive, the structural capacity of Ercole’s armoured doors complements their design, creating new aesthetic solutions that are completely in line with their Italian production.